ClearAd 2.0

Transparent and fraud-free advertisement has finally arrived.

Our Story

Common perception on digital advertisement is lack of transparency and consequent fraud. Often, the advertiser is fully unaware of how and to what quality its message is distributed within the digital realm, and either, its standards are respected or not. Clearad was born to address this issue and since then, has evolved to use Blockchain technology to record and maintain each transaction happening in the process of digital advertisement.

Save Money

ClearAd maintains a transparent record of every action within the network, so you can pay for impressions that actually delivered.

100% Uptime

Our blockchain-based architecture means that our recording service is always available and within reach of both parties. 

Reconciling Parties

ClearAd is a trusted party to adjudicate in the case of discrepancy between the publisher and advertiser.


All recorded data is kept in blocks within an ETH-based blockchain. This will ensure that recorded data is immutable and safe from hackers and alteration. 


Road to Transparency


Publishers can easily integrate our RESTful API into their existing open RTB infrastructure. 


The publishers record and transfer every transaction record to ClearAd.


ClearAd API interface will allow you to access the recorded data with ease and convenience.