How Blockchain can prevent pandemics like Coronavirus?

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How Blockchain can prevent pandemics like Coronavirus?

The rapid and uncontrolled spread of coronaviruses worldwide has proven that current health care systems do not have the strength to cope with this pandemonium.

This article describes in detail the use of blockchain technology to control and prevent future pandemic outbreaks, which you will read in a summary of important points in this post.

“Outdated health surveillance systems”

Speed is important that this system share information with all the world quickly and epidemiologists get and verify data fast. But some issues don’t let it happen such as:

  • Outdated, hard to access, or inaccurate systems
  • Privacy and security issues
  • language barriers
  • The sheer distance between the geographical location of an outbreak
  • cultural differences
  • Non-optimal data management
  • Underreporting” (lack of data transparency)
  • “Political Complications” (virus can spread quickly across the political borders)
  • “Lack of innovation in healthcare systems” ( because of low investments in many countries)


Blockchain and coronavirus

“Blockchain could be of help”

“Blockchain technology has the ability to improve health, access to information, supply chains and many more“. How?

With these features of Blockchain:

  • Decentralized management,
  •  Immutable audit trails,
  • Data provenance,
  • Robustness.
  • Various nodes in a permissioned blockchain can share and report fundamental information in a split second, while agreeing to information protection and security guideline


Blockchain prevent coronavirus

“Blockchain use cases”

  • “Record management: a single source of information”

Blockchain should known as:

  •  a data management issue
  • a single source of truth for the data provenance
  • a purpose  to manage real-time data and ensure its integrity
  • an eliminatation of misinformation

  • “Blockchain healthcare surveillance system”

Blockchain permit nearby and national wellbeing offices to get to the observation information.

Also, could without much of a stretch arrive at zones where network is poor, and costs must be kept low. Information stays secure and numerous associations can report the information

  • “Tracking infectious virus outbreaks”

Make it easy for government agencies and doctors or WHO to track the virus activity in real-time.

  • “Management crisis conditions”

It can immediately alert the public by WHO and recommend what all people should do quickly

  • “Securing medical supply chains” : “track and tracing” of medical supply chains as a supply chain management tool.

Equipment of prevention, testing, treatment, and vaccines will be sent to the right places at the right times and in the quantities needed.

  • “Prevent zoonotic infections”

    Zoonotic infections like Corona could be caught in animals “Diseases could be “flagged” and eliminated in animal populations before they make the jump to humans. “

“China and blockchain”

The apps are designed to ensure people’s privacy, identity, and medical records using the blockchain against Coronavirus and other medical conditions.

What the do is to track patients diagnosed with coronavirus and identify the people who might have been infected. Like “ HashLog” one of the apps that by tracing people traveling can prevent future infectons.

“HashLog allows for the real-time visualization of coronavirus data and trends.

Each transaction is recorded through a verified hash reference on Hedera’s ledger, meaning epidemiologists can trust data to be legitimate. This allows researchers, scientists and journalists to understand the spread of the coronavirus and its trends over time through visuals presented on Acoer’s HashLog dashboard.”

“IBM Food Trust”

“The IBM Food Trust has been using blockchain to help improve food safety by managing and conducting food tracings in order to identify sources of contamination for occurrences of Salmonella. By being able to identify the cause quickly and effectively, it is much easier to contain the problem and treat it at the source.”

 “Blockchain preventing pandemics: not yet?”

“The use of blockchain can help prevent pandemics by enabling early detection of epidemics, fast-tracking drug trials, and impact management of outbreaks and treatment.

This instant response capability can represent the difference between quick containment and global contagion. “







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