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According to IAB survey,” Coronavirus: Ad Revenue Impact on Publishers & Other Sellers“, Coronavirus is still hitting the advertising industry. 98% of publishers expect their revenue to decline.

19% to 25% drop in digital ad revenues

27% drop in linear TV revenue

32% drop in print ad revenue

This survey has fielded between April 1 and April 7 and this prediction is for the near-term, March through June of 2020.

The data show differences between news and non-news audiences.

According to ComScore, the site visitor numbers have increased by 30% due to following the Coronavirus News, but the sites have not been able to convert it into revenue. 

This survey has 2 sides:

– Sell-side includes

 ▪ Publishers

 ▪ Media Platforms

▪ Programmatic Companies (e.g., SSPs, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks)

Programmatic companies have a better situation rather than direct publishers. Although there is a drop in revenue but this survey forecast a rise in revenue for the second half of 2020 for publishers.

– Buy-side Respondents

  • Agency media buyers/sellers
  • Brands: Incumbent and Direct-to-Consumer

“This is not the time to pause your campaigns. This is a time to potentially adjust your messaging.”

The most reduced advertising category is “travel and tourism”

All publishers creating more flexible advertiser options, among them “Creating different content adjacency/sponsorship opportunities that buyers can leverage” and “Pushing campaigns to later date” have been chosen the most.

“Engaging clients to strengthen relationships without a sales pitch” and “Allowing more leniency regarding the cancellation or pausing of campaigns” are the most effective from all other options.

It means maybe it’s not a good time for selling your product, but it’s a good situation for creating creative content. Be ready for the second half of 2020.

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