What are the Advantages of the Bladtech (Blockchain +Adtech)

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What is Bladtech?

Bladtech is a combination of Blockchain and Adtech. Although it is early, it has shown that it has the potential to bring about fundamental change in the digital advertising industry.

Adtech currently has issues such as fraud, data privacy, transparency and blindness banner and high cost without results, etc. So the advantages of Bladtech can solve them.

advantages of bladtech

 What are the advantages of Bladtech?

  • Prevent advertising frauds

Display invisible and hidden ads that lead to high impression but without any result, so Blockchain prevents fraud by giving legitimacy to publishers and giving them a unique identity.


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  • Enhance user privacy data

Data breaches are issues that cause the user to fear security. The solution to the blockchain is to provide users with the ability to access their data by giving them data ownership.

  • Promote transparency

In the adtech supply chain, there are many intermediaries and vendors between advertisers and publishers, each with its commission.

Therefore, to increase transparency in the supply chain, Blockchain products provide solutions by establishing trust between the agents of this supply chain.

Certain decentralized marketplace is a solution that eliminates intermediaries by reducing the advertising budget required for advertisers and increasing trust.

Bladtech in the future means data security, risk reduction, and Ad fraud and reducing the number of intermediaries. This technology will soon flourish and solve more problems.

Here in Clearad, we are using the benefits of Blockchain in Advertising technology. Our Advertising platform has all these benefits and our vision is to

“Maximize” your digital ad’s “real-time” revenue using blockchain

ClearAd enables media to maximize their real-time revenue using an optimized bidding process based on blockchain technology.


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