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Why Video is important in the advertising industry?

It is tangible that video is a viable versatile publicizing medium. For as far back as not many years, video utilization is rising rapidly.

Likewise, numerous publicists and advertisers have joined the fleeting trend, with all the more hoping to embrace video promoting soon.

What is VAST (Video Ad Serving Template)?

Video Ad Serving Template or VAST as it is known is an IAB detail that clarifies how video players speak with promotion servers and serve advertisements.

At the point when a video player needs to play a promotion, it sends an XML request to the Video Ad Serving Template server which characterizes the accompanying parameters:

which advertisement media ought to be played, to what extent it ought to be played, and what data ought to be followed as the advertisement is served.

Consider IAB VAST as contents that give reliable directions to the watchers’ video players on the most proficient method to deal with an advertisement. It tells the player

•       which promotion to play,

•       how the promotion should appear,

•       how long it should last, and

•       whether the watchers can skip it

•       where to discover the promotion (the advertisement server)

•       what the navigate URL ought to be

•       and more

What are Video Ad Serving Template benefits?

video ad serving template

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

According to IAB survey, there are many benefits for using the new version of VAST such as:

  • Improves video creative quality
  • Better ad delivery and more efficient transactions
  • Streamlines and improves measurement, verification, and
  • reporting efforts


The new version of VAST can Increase the quality of the video and it is an opportunity for creative innovation with increased support of interactivity and audio.

It’s reduced errors which lead to fewer blank or delayed ads. Better reporting for management and tracking of creative assets (with Ad-ID integration) is another benefit of the VAST new version.

These are the updates and features of the latest version of VAST 4x:

VAST Benefits

According to IAB review, these benefits are for three categories:

 1-Benefits of Video Serving Template (VAST 4.x) for Publishers

  • Ability to support SSAI (better UX, more device coverage, without ad blocking, etc.),
  • Ensures video will always play regardless of viewer’s streaming environment.
  • Safe iFrames without risking bad user experience or data leakage,
  • No need to support DAAST separately.
  • Supports interactivity for more platforms, like connected TVs and mobile, Support for creative innovation that utilizes video and audio
  • Better accessibility support (i.e. the player can easily access all information needed to present closed captioning to the viewer).


VAST benefits

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

2-Benefits of Video Serving Template (VAST 4.x) for Advertisers

  • Ensures that the best quality video is delivered across all platforms and publishers.
  • Ads can be delivered to more devices
  • Ensures the best quality video will play regardless of the viewer’s streaming environment
  • More interactive inventory.
  • Easier to write interactive code when the code doesn’t have to worry about supporting measurement and owning video ad playback.
  • Support for more platforms, like connected TVs and mobile, which couldn’t previously utilize VPAID.
  • No need to support DAAST separately.
  • Support for creative innovation that utilizes video and audio (i.e. audio fallbacks, where an audio-only ad replaces the video if the video player or the app itself is in the background).
  • Better accessibility support (i.e. the player can easily access all information needed to present closed captioning to the viewer).
  • Better control over creative asset usage by limiting the number of copies that exist across the ecosystem.
  • Better rights tracking.
  • It allows for rapid decommissioning when necessary.
  • Better debugging and reporting.
  • Fewer errors due to VAST macros including more information about player capabilities.
  • Better workflows due to more context across the entire delivery chain.
  • Better support for brand safety and competitive separation
  • Improve user experience by preventing excessive VAST wrapper re-directs where one wrapper points to another wrapper instead of pointing directly to the creative
  • The simpler architecture enables creators to focus on interactive ad units without the use of complex (now obsolete) VPAID code.
  • Better support for mobile and CTV platforms. Previously, VPAID could not run on those platforms. Now, the media file is guaranteed to run (SSAI or not) and the executable code can be layered on a VAST tag, which provides the video file separate from APIs. It can display more successfully across platforms and devices.
  • More verifiable inventory available and better support for all verification vendors.
  • VAST4.x + OMID allows for a single tag to work across all platforms which reduces the amount of work needed to implement verification solutions, reduces the risk of error, and enables a more seamless consumer video experience.
  • Easier to track creative asset details for various use cases such as evaluating brand safety.
  • Better measurement/reporting capabilities resulting from the ability to identify a specific asset.

 3-Benefits of Video Serving Template (VAST 4.x) for Consumers

  • High-quality video advertising experiences.
  • Eliminates any lag in the video.
  • Increased opportunity to stream in bad service areas
  • More opportunities to engage with interactive ads
  • More creative audio advertising experiences.
  • Better accessibility support.




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