Use Blockchain in Marketing (5 Top Reasons)

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In this post, we will look at five reasons and advantages of blockchain in marketing, which are discussed in more detail in this article.

1- Blockchain and Transparency

The current PPC advertising model is more likely to be fraudulent. Every unrealistic click equals the loss of a non-productive advertising budget, as well as misleading data that misleads advertising analysis. Just as blockchain increases the credibility of transactions, so does the credibility of click-through advertising. By blockchain technology there is no need to check the number of clicks from the service provider’s platform, you trace it from your source.

2- Blockchain and Customer Data 

The data helps to run the right marketing campaigns to get the right message to the right audience. When customer data is of low quality, campaigns do not run properly and do not produce the expected results. Because incorrect information has led to the design of the wrong marketing campaign.

The best place to get accurate information is the customer himself. Combining blockchain with crowdsourcing allows customers to share their data freely. In this way, bots are removed and data from a decentralized market is available.

3-Blockchain and Influencer Marketing 

Influencer Marketing is a good marketing method, but unfortunately, not all those who claim to be influential are as influential as they claim to be. Many of them use bots, buy followers, etc. As a result, spending money on them is a waste of money. This technology will show the validity of influencer followers. The contract amount with the influencer will be paid to him after the expected result is complete. Tools like As Canva, Trust my Paper, Grammarly, Grab my Essay, WhiteSmoke, and Studious help increase the effectiveness of this method.


4- Blockchain and Customer Loyalty

According to Darren Reeves, “With blockchain technology rewards points and gift coins can be converted into digital currency. This can be stored in digital wallets until there is enough to cash out, or spent online. ”

As a result, the possibility of implementing unrealistic customer loyalty campaigns and scams is greatly reduced and the amount of customer interaction in this model of campaigns will be increased.

5- Blockchain and Affiliate Marketing

Blockchain technology by eliminating intermediaries, brands, and publishers can be more reliable. One example of this is Hoqu. This platform eliminates the middleman, allowing merchants and publishers to work together, and save up to 45% in transaction fees. Instead, there’s a .5% commission paid for smart contracts.


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