12 Use Cases of Blockchain in Advertising Industry

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Many people who are familiar with Blockchain technology think it is a Savior to save us from all problems we have in the Advertising industry. In this article, Sam Mire has written about 12 possible use cases of Blockchain in the advertising industry and has mentioned the companies who use these solutions in their business. Although it is written 2 years ago, the principles he has talked about is still just like a road map for all businesses who use digital marketing in their marketing campaigns. I should say all business. What Business can you find that it is still alive in traditional marketing tools and without entering the digital ones?

What are 12 Use Cases of Blockchain in the Advertising Industry?

Here you can check out all these 12 use cases in this info-graphic.

On the other hand, there is another good article about the blockchain role in advertising which Chandrima Samanta has written about that in Feb, 2020. The main question is that how blockchain in adverting will solve the problems we have in the advertising industry.

Making money from Blockchain, a good gift for content creators to earn more money by creating content. The Publiq platform is a good example of it.

Ad Buying is another solution, blockchain provides for us. Clearad is the next-generation, real-time, and transparent advertising platform.

What the blockchain provides for advertising platforms is that the budget of marketing campaigns spends transparently. So managers can use real data to make the best decisions for increasing the profit and reach the goals of their business.




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