The Power of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

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The Power of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

What makes blockchain persuasive is not just that it’s a new way to store, validate and authorize digital transactions, but its potential to create new opportunities in almost every industry.

Although this record-keeping technology is mainly used around cryptocurrencies and finance, it is deniable that it can enable more. Apart from the commercial banking system, many other businesses can be touched by this revolutionary technology. For instance, blockchain can end cyber attacks by offering a new way to secure our data; it can track all the steps of a supply chain or be utilized for any verification. But, let’s have a new perspective of this intelligent technology: “Making most out of Digital Marketing using blockchain.”

Blockchain embraces transparency

Obviously, without a proven trust for potential customers, reaching digital marketing goals will be impossible.

With more and more people care about the quality of the products they demand as well the process of making them, blockchain technology enables end-users to gain top-notch detail about the products. Consumers can verify where the products are manufactured, who manufactured them, and many more. Take the Pacific Tuna Project as an example. It leverages blockchain technology to help people understand the path of a fish from ocean to plate and, more importantly, prevents illegal fishing.

Blockchain is a boost to data security!

Data security is a significant concern in online trades. With blockchain, each transaction is verified and publicly visible, while the identity of involved people will remain nameless.

This desirable feature of blockchain can secure transactions in a better way compared to traditional processes. Thus, it increases users’ willingness to make online trades.

Blockchain eliminates the middleman’s role in online advertisements.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are using Ad networks to gain more revenue. Due to many intermediaries in the process, publishers often receive less than 45 percent of revenue, based on a report from IAB. Blockchain offers a novel solution to this problem by creating a trusted and verified chain and lets businesses skip or eliminate third parties.

Considering this problem, ClearAd, a Canadian-based company, offers an innovative blockchain model to maximize media share on advertiser payment and generate real-time revenue for involved parties.

Indeed, blockchain illustrates a different future for digital marketing, mainly positively as it creates more trust, improves transparency, and reduces costs. Many believe that blockchain will soon be a dominant technology in the marketing field and many other industries, and that’s the beauty of it.

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