Telewebion Founded

Telewebion is founded to provide IPTV/OTT services to Farsi speaking people all around the world

Telewebion monetization challenges

As we went on with monetization of Telewebion we faced different issues where the most important ones were our unfair share and money collection.

ClearAd Founded

Our challenges through monetization of Telewebion made us think about a new solution to maximize our revenue from digital advertisement and solve the problem of money collection.

ClearAd alpha version

By integrating the alpha version of ClearAd into Telewebion we started to use our solution in real world environment.

ClearAd Joined Launch Academy

ClearAd got admitted to Launch Academy to get incubated by this tech incubator in Vancouver, BC

ClearAd Incorporation

ClearAd got incorporated in BC to target the digital advertising market of North America.

ClearAd Moved to Vancouver

ClearAd moved to Vancouver to focus on the market of Canada and develop its business network.